Xiaomi 12T Pro – Redmi K50 Ultra (diting) Tool By HalabTech [FREE]

Xiaomi 12T Pro – Redmi K50 Ultra (diting) Tool By HalabTechThe Xiaomi 12T Pro and Redmi K50 Ultra are two highly sought-after devices in the market, and now, thanks to HalabTech, they have become even more desirable. The diting tool created by HalabTech provides users with a range of functions that are designed to enhance the user experience of these devices.Rebooting the device into fastboot mode is one of the diting tool’s primary functions, which enables users to perform a variety of tasks that are not feasible in normal mode. This includes flashing TWRP, resetting EFS and backing it up in TWRP mode, enabling Diag without rooting the device, and auto-rooting the device from TWRP.The tool also allowed users to reboot into Recovery mode their Xiaomi12T Pro and Redmi K50 Ultra Smartphone. This includes the ability to flash custom ROMs and kernels, wipe cache and data, and perform system backups.When connected to a PC, the diting tool provides users with a wealth of information about their device, including the model number, product name, MIUI version, security patch, baseband, bootloader status, active slot, root version, board cust, hardware security, board ID, factory ID, active IMEI, IMEI 1, IMEI 2, OEM PSNO, UFS manufact, and memory model.The fact that the diting tool is entirely free, enabling users to take benefit of its various functions without having to pay a cent, is one of its most striking advantages. This demonstrates both HalabTech’s dedication to provide its customers the finest experience possible and the increasing acceptance of Xiaomi and Redmi products in the market.
Features:Reboot to fastboot modeFastboot to normal modeReboot to recovery modeFlash TWRPReset EFS Backup (TWRP Mode)Enable Diag (No-Root)Auto Root From TWRPRestore EFS Backup (TWRP Mode)Additionally, when the device is connected to a PC, the diting tool displays the following information:Model numberProduct nameMIUI versionSecurity patch levelBaseband versionBootloader statusActive slotRoot versionBoard custHardware securityBoard IDFactory IDActive IMEIIMEI 1IMEI 2OEM PSNOUFS manufactMemory modelOverall, the diting tool provides users with a comprehensive set of functions and information to help them customize and optimize their Xiaomi 12T Pro or Redmi K50 Ultra devices.Changelog!!!

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How To Use?First, you need to download the zip file from the below linkNext, you can unzip all files at c: drive (important)Ensure you have disabled the antivirus before running the installationNext, open the folder and install the setup file with some basic instructionRun the “Xiaomi 12T Pro & Redmi K50 Ultra (diting) Tools.exe”Next, you can install all drivers if you already installed skip this stepConnect the phone and try to do any functionEnjoy !!! 

FileInformationNameXiaomi 12T Pro – Redmi K50 Ultra (diting) ToolSize410.5 MBLinkMEGA | Google Drive
README:Compatibility: The tool runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).Take a Backup: If you are willing to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your personal data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. As flashing any Firmware or recovery may brick the device.Credits: Xiaomi 12T Pro – Redmi K50 Ultra (diting) Tool is created and distributed by the developer. So, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.

File Information
Name Xiaomi 12T Pro – Redmi K50 Ultra (diting) Tool
Size 410.5 MB
Link MEGA | Google Drive

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