BMB Nokia Tool V1 Free Download User lock Remove

BMB Nokia Tool V1 Free Download User lock Remove Download BMB Nokia Tool V1 User lock Remove Tools BMB Nokia Tool is a free tool for services Nokia devices, it allows users to remove FRP from Nokia Android devices, Remove Pin / Pattern from Latest Nokia Devices.

BMB Nokia Tool V1 Free Download User lock Remove

Features BMB Nokia Tool:
Factory Reset
Erase FRP
Reboot Bootloader
Factory Reset 1
Reset FRP Mode F-B
Reset Pin Mode F-B

Supported Models:
Nokia 1.3 : TA-1216, TA-1205
Nokia 1.4 : TA-1322, TA-1323, TA-1329
Nokia 2.2 : TA-1183, TA-1179, TA-1191, TA-1188
Nokia 2.3 : TA-1211, TA-1214, TA-1206, TA-1209
Nokia 2.4 : TA-1277, TA-1275, TA-1274, TA-1270
Nokia 2V Tella : TA-1136
Nokia 3.2 : TA-1156, TA-1159, TA-1164
Nokia 3.4 : TA-1288, TA-1285, TA-1283
Nokia 3V : TA-1182, TA-1153
Nokia 4.2 : TA-1184, TA-1133, TA-1149, TA-1150, TA-1157, TA-1152
Nokia 5.3 : TA-1234, TA-1223, TA-1227, TA-1229
Nokia 5.4 : TA-1333, TA-1340, TA-1337, TA-1328, TA-1325
Nokia 6.2 : TA-1200, TA-1198, TA-1201, TA-1187
Nokia 7.2 : TA-1193, TA-1178, TA-1196, TA-1181
Nokia 8.3 : TA-1243, TA-1251
Nokia 8 V 5G UW : TA-1257
Nokia C1 : TA-1165
Nokia C2 : TA-1233, TA-1204
Nokia C2 Tava and Tennen : TA-1218
Nokia C3 : TA-1292, TA-1239, TA-1298
Nokia C5 Endi : TA-1222
Nokia C10 : TA-1342
Nokia C20 : TA-1339, TA-1348, TA-1352, TA-1356
Nokia C20 Plus : TA-1388, TA-1380
Nokia G10 : TA-1334, TA-1351, TA-1346, TA-1338
Nokia G20 : TA-1336, TA-1343, TA-1347, TA-1372, TA-1365
Nokia X10 : TA-1350, TA-1332
Nokia X20 : TA-1341, TA-1344
Nokia C30 : TA-1357, TA-1377, TA-1369, TA-1360, TA-1359
Nokia XR20 Nokia C1 2nd Edition : TA-1380
Nokia G400 : N1530DL
Nokia T10: TA-1462
Nokia G11 Plus: TA-1421, TA-1408, TA-1413, TA-1429
Nokia C200: TA-1437
Nokia C100: TA-1484
Nokia C21 Plus: TA-1433, TA-1431, TA-1426, TA-1424
Nokia C21 : TA-1356, TA-1352
Nokia C2 2nd Edition: TA-1468, TA-1454
Nokia G11 : TA-1401
Nokia G21: TA-1418, TA-1477, TA-1415, TA-1405, TA-1404, TA-1412
Nokia X100: TA-1399
Nokia G300: TA-1374
Nokia T20: TA-1397, TA-1394, TA-1392
Nokia G50: TA-1358, TA-1390, TA-1370, TA-1367, TA-1361 more

How To Use?
First, you need to download the zip file from the below link
Next, you can unzip all files at c: drive it’s very important
Next, open the folder from which you have to extract all files
Run the “nokia123.exe”
Next, you can install all drivers if you already installed skip this step
Connect the phone and try to do any function
Enjoy !!!

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Download Link: Terabox | Mega | Userdrive

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