Free Download [TOOL][WINDOWS] ADB & Fastboot + + v1.0.6 | Sep 2022

A small Application for Windows that allows you to install the latest version of ADB and Fastboot Files on the Computer without installing the entire Android SDK Package + Toolkit & Commands

Toolkit Functions:Uninstall Bloatware without Root Access (They are just being uninstalled for the current User)Re-install uninstalled AppsInstall Kernel (Reboots automatically to Bootloader, Popup Menu)Install Recovery (Reboots automatically to Bootloader, Popup Menu)Install APKs (Popup Menu)Install APK Bundles/Split APKs (Installer: Desktop/ABI Folder, Portable: ABI Folder)Push Files (Popup Menu)Check Firmware VersionCheck Android VersionCheck Kernel VersionCheck Firmware Build DateCheck Kernel Build DateCheck Security Patch DateCheck IMEICheck IP AddressCheck App PackagesCheck Process Activity (Real Time)Take Screenshots (PNG Format)Video recoding – 30, 60, 120 & 180 Seconds (Without Device Sound)Reboot the DeviceReboot to BootloaderExit Bootloader to SystemReboot to RecoveryCreate Bugreport (Saves on Desktop)Create Logcat (Saves on Desktop)Exit (adb kill-server & close Toolkit

All Link Ready (Try1by1)
TeraBox Link || Google Drive Link|| Mirror link||

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