Smart LED/LCD TV Model TP.SK108.PB801 Three-in-One Software Firmware File Free Download (All Resolutions)

TP.SK108.PB801 Three-in-One TV Board

TP.SK108.PB801 is Three-In-One FHD LCD/LED TV Motherboard that is designed for especially 32-42 inch screens. TP_SK108_PB801 is a combo board which is three modules builtin in a single piece of PCB like power card, Backlight driver controller and ATV Module. TP-SK108-PB801 is a universal Board that is compatible with many panel screens. TP SK108 PB801 is a Universal Combination Main Boards that can be used for a variety of different television models. TP.SK108.PB801 firmware files are given below for the technician’s support.


General Basic Info:

Brand/Mark: China Universal

Model: TP.SK108.PB801

Main Chip: TSUMV53

Resolution: HD1080(1920*1080)


Product: LED TV

Input Voltage: 220V AC

Backlight Current: 600mA

MAX Backlight Watt: 55W

Backlight voltage: 58-86V

Size : 146*128mm

Resolution: 32-42 ” PANEL

Service Menu:

Menu 1147/Menu 2008

USB Upgrade Method:

  • Plug the U disk into the USB port.
  • Insert the AC cord and the machine go to standby status, then it will begin to update the SW, it will take you about 30 seconds to complete the whole update.
  • There is one feature when it updates, like below:
    The led will twinkle, it will be red, green, red, green slowly, then change quickly, then the led change to red, TV power on itself.
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Note: The following given firmware is USB upgradeable. Kazmi Elecom Team is not responsible for any type of damage/loss as a result of uploading/downloading the firmware.

How to Download:

Download the following given firmware and then extract you will get the folder. Now load the file by the programmer. For More Detail about download, process watch the video Click Here

Here are below some TP.SK108.PB801 firmware for free download:


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