Download iCloud Bypass Notification One Click tool Free ! V2 updated! By 1Cracked

Download iCloud Bypass Notification One-Click tool Free! V2 updated! By 1Cracked.this update added the Latest iOS support now you have to fix any version of the iOS version single click only. if you have a bypass or remove iCloud lock from your iPhone then the notification does not work is a piece of very sad news but the 1cracked team has made a solution for all users. 1cracked team has developed a small tool and fix this issue and also give tool has free of cost

Download iCloud Bypass Notificati

Features Notification Fixer V2:

Step 1: in this option you need to jailbreak your device and run step 1 and wait for its complete process.

Step 2: in this option you have run after Step 1 is complete is fix the Notification access problem. once is complete is closes automatically, you have now disconnect the phone from pc and restart it.

How To Use?
1.Disable your AV software! (all software with
ic bypass is detected in 70%, we included disabler!
2.Open Notification Fixer, Pass: 1Cracked
3.Jailbreak your device
4.To make notifications work instantly make sure to
connect your phone to wifi with an internet connection
before you do a bypass. jailbreak your device,
open facetime app, hold it still on activation facetime
then click Fix iCloud Services, Notif/Facetime on TOOL
wait until success, your phone will respring, open
app facetime again, if u see sign +
at right above corner, it means success, reboot your
phone, done, notification works fine.

Free iCloud Bypass Notification One-Click tool! V2 updated!
We are sharing an updated version of the Notification fixer for iCloud Bypassed devices. Detailed instructions in the README file! Read it, everything is there, and please don’t spam me in PM!

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👇 iCloud Bypass Notification One-Click tool V2 13.09 MB 👇

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